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Why listening to other golfers is costing you shots every game

Dan Hernandez, PGA:

Here’s one thing that REALLY bothers me: When I talk to people about the visual/neurological component of golf and relate that to hand eye coordination, they say things like “….oh. so this is like Zen Golf?”

Are you kidding me? If trying to help players understand that playing golf is a physical/athletic event and not a mental exercise filled with pedestrian golf sayings, then, I suppose, I am guilty of teaching Zen Golf…

The idea that ‘Public Information” is the right information is frightning! I applaud Mr. Hardie for his keen insights into learning or improving one’s golf game.

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“The worst advice in golf is, Keep your head down.”Patty Sheehan

By Ian Hardie

In other areas of our life when we need advice, guidance or simply information

We usually start with the people that are around us most often

People that we already know and trust

Which is generally a family member or a close friend

However if after talking to them a little we realise

That they know nothing or very little about what we are asking

Our next port of call is normally a school or work colleague

Who we may not know quite as well but we will still trust what they say

Because if we are going to bother asking at all

We want good advice – don’t we?

Although these days I suppose instead of asking people

We may be more likely to just ‘Google it’ to find the answer


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too many thoughts


(First in a series about playing golf)


head down, left arm straight, right elbow in , weight shift, make shoulder turn, V’s point here, weight on the inside of your feet, slow backswing, stay on plane, just like railroad tracks, square over the ball, fire the right side, clear the hips, belt buckle at target, make a divot, keep head still, keep eye on the ball, one-piece takeaway, don’t use the hands, swing in a barrel, follow through, grip like you’re holding a baby bird (one of my personal favorites), don’t swing too upright, don’t swing too flat, low backswing, accelerate through the ball, swing to right field, don’t chop at it, pause at the top, swing across your chest (unless boobs in the way – (ooopp-sie, I’m fired – and kicked out of the PGA )), hit down on the ball, stay connected, don’t swing too fast, don’t jerk the club back, shoulders should be square, and on and on forever…!!!

Until you drop dead on the 6th hole because this is how you think it’s supposed to go?!?!

How much more of this crap are you supposed to be able to process! Is it really possible that anyone thinks that “THE LIST” is what matters most about playing golf???

Don’t most players think that if they could MASTER “the golf swing” all would be right with the world?

If you just take a minute, use your head, and simply imagine the word GOLF – you will realize how large the game is. How amazing the game is, and how wonderfully simple the game can be.

If you REALLY BELIEVE that “mastering the golf swing” is the answer to all your golfing troubles, you should just stop playing. You should stop because you have the wrong idea about how the game goes. You’ll never be satisfied and you’ll never SURRENDER to the mystery of the game.

Something to think about…

7 days to “your best year of golf ever”

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“Forget the last shot. It takes so long to accept that you can’t always replicate your swing. The only thing you can control is your attitude toward the next shot.” - Mark McCumber

By Ian Hardie

Each year during the holiday season, most people around the world take the opportunity at some point to have a few (however brief) minutes reflecting on what has happened to them over the past year – as well as spending a few minutes

Considering the things that they would like to happen over the next year

If you are currently or have ever been a regular golfer then I’m sure that at some point in your life – probably during one of those holiday season periods

You will have thought about the idea of “having your best year of golf ever”

Unless of course you happen to live somewhere that has the amount of…

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Think Different? Uh..maybe not

Never venture away from the norm…something amazing might happen! (DH)

Thinking different is not for everybody!

If you like the status-quo, the safety in numbers, and the traditional golf doctrine, you should stay in the place you feel the best in.  Just don’t complain about your golf game…!

Please visit one of my peers at: http://www.mindmedicine.co.uk

P.S. for Grant:  You’re always first to me! I just got confused and did this one.  Takes a lot of guts to be us doesn’t it? Especially in America….

Golf lessons in Tauranga / Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Dan Hernandez, PGA:

Mr. Hardie thinks different. I like that.

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cruise ship

“Rhythm and timing are the two things which we all must have, yet no one knows how to teach either.”Bobby Jones

By Ian Hardie

As you may have read over the last few months I have returned to being a NZPGA Golf Teaching Professional

Which means I’m available for golf lessons in the Tauranga / Mount Maunganui area of New Zealand

So recently I have built a new website www.ianhardie.net

It has a bunch of information about golf lessons

Including how I can be contacted when you are ready to start learning from me

You can take a sneak peek at it here if you want

And as you would expect by now from reading Golf Habits

I do things a little differently than most

To illustrate that here is a part of one of the pages;

Most golfers ask for a single golf lesson

Expecting it to…

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I’ve received several comments pertaining to “What’s up with Golf” post. Allow me to further clarify:

It is not now nor has it ever been my job to tell anyone what they can or can’t do. This includes playing professional golf at the highest level.

Let me be clear:
In no way am I squashing the passion of a 2 handicap who’s greatest desire is to play of golf on TOUR. If that player can find a way to consistently play at a +5 level, said person COULD make money playing golf. It has happened before and will likely happen again.

Google Ian Poulter and discover his obscure rise to the top via an outright lie about his playing ability!

Yes, the chances are slim but is professional golf a pipe dream? NOT 100% OF THE TIME…

What’s Up with Golf?


IF YOU THINK you should be a much better player than you are and are really frustrated with golf, please skip to the BEGIN HERE section of this post.

IF YOU UNDERSTAND that a combination of experience, personality, giftedness, knowledge, emotional/mental resiliency, fitness, strength and age are among the general topics that determine how good you’re gonna’ be, stop reading now and congratulate yourself – for you are a member of a rare breed – that small group of players who truly understand how the game is played. You readily accept the never-ending mysteries of the game and have not been trapped in an unsustainable, unrealistic view of your place in it.

footballI don’t know anyone who sits on the couch on Sunday, watches the NFL game of the week, and when it’s over say; ‘Dude, let’s go play some football.’  Or how about Formula 1 auto racing? I doubt anyone reading this would even know HOW TO GET IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT – let alone drive the thing.  BUT we all know how drive a car, so why shouldn’t we be able to drive this one? The list of comparisons are endless.  Just pick any professional sport and apply the same ridiculous comparisons to “themclaren-formula-1-182-1680x1050m” and the rest of us.

Logic tells us that we SHOULDN’T EXPECT to do what professionals do – and we normally don’t have those expectations – except in golf.  Why do we do that…watch the best golfers in the world and then imagine – or even FOOLISHLY EXPECT – we can actually do what they do –  and get overly-frustrated because we can’t.

Jack Nicklaus said it’s because every golfer hits a shot as good as a TOUR player every now and then.  OK, I can see that – I’ve watched students hit shots during playing lessons that could realistically be categorized as unbelievable. But every now and then is not all the time.

golfI don’t really get what players are expecting sometimes.
The anarchist in me says that modern media (i.e. first televised golf in ’56 or somewhere around there) is to blame; the psychologist in me says that it’s nothing more than ego and/or various insecurities and belief systems; the professional golf instructor in me says that golfers just aren’t taught correctly anymore and don’t know how the game goes.

There’s a prevalent, yet misplaced perception that goes something like this:  “If I could do that every time, I’d be happy.”  Ya’ think – who wouldn’t!  A multitude of variations exist within the “do it every time” idea.  Just look at any PGA TOUR statistic you can think of and you’ll quickly discover that NO PLAYER DOES “IT” EVERY TIME!!! You can find all the stats here.


In very general terms, there is championship golf played by professionals and elite amateurs. And then there is recreational/golf. The most serious golf, which requires razor’s edge skill – in a variety of disciplines – is golf that feeds your family and pays your mortgage.  At any given moment, this kind of golf is something that only about 500 players in the world are capable of!

Then, there are the rest of us – including the club player with a 2 handicap. The millions who go play all the time, seeking pleasure, challenge, camaraderie, and just a few hours away from the office,

Now before everybody starts going all goofy and thinking that we’re all supposed to accept mediocrity, remember this:   We are supposed to be passionate and we are supposed to love the game, and we are supposed to try everything we can, and we are never to quit.  Yes indeed, we are all supposed to do whatever we are able to so we can play our best. And, we are EXPECTED to be realistic about the possibilities for our games.

What we’re NOT supposed to do is measure ourselves against those 500 freaks – who by the way – don’t hit every fairway every time and drive it 300 yards all the time..

Go ahead and analyze the stats here.  Really, do it now.  If you could achieve 50% of any given stat wouldn’t that be awesome!  You’d be able to tell your friends that you’re only half as good as a TOUR player!

Let’s remember who we are, why we are playing golf, and just enjoy the hell outta’ the game.

Don’t Use Your Hands!

Seriously?  If your HANDS ARE THE ONLY PART OF YOUR BODY THAT IS TOUCHING THE GOLF CLUB, how is it possible that you’re not supposed to use them?

The average player is supposed to be using their hands so they can learn what it feels like when the club face to strikes the ball.  That feeling of pure contact comes from your hands, not from your legs, or a better shoulder turn or clearing the hips.

There is a bit more to this hands/clubface idea but you can figure out a lot of it yourself – you know – like you usually do.

So, just for fun, here is my challenge to you:  The next time you go to the driving range, spend a good 15 minutes doing nothing but looking at and feeling your grip.

  • Is it firm or loose
  • do the palms and wrists have a non-fighting relationship to the face of the club
  • do you get a sense that you can control the clubface
  • do you feel any pressure on your fingers and thumbs

There are very few players who will actually spend 15 minutes doing nothing but seeing how the hands and wrists relate to the clubface.  Despite everything you already know, I dare you to try it.

You just might figure something out.

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Side Arm Golf Swing

I’ve noticed a lot of interest in my “side arm golf swing” post from I don’t know how long ago.  Relative to that post, I would like to remind everyone that “side arm” is the feeling that you’ll have when the clubhead is delivered to the ball from WAY behind you.

Please be smart enough to realize this:  the longer the club the more “behind and under the plane” the feeling will be.  If you deliver  a sand wedge “from underneath” you’ll learn how to shank it!

The general idea of “behind and underneath” works so JUST DO IT!

I know, a video would be good so I’ll do one for y’all! You’ll have it next week..

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