PGA Certified Professional

PGA Certified Professional
What good is it for me to tell my students to always do the best they can and then not follow up on that advice myself? So, after nine months and 200 hundred hours of study and testing and the completion of a 20 page paper, I am pleased to announce that I have become just the 39th PGA Certified Professional in the State of California and the first and only in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Of course, my area of speciality as a Certified Professional is Teaching and Coaching.  The Certified Professional Classification is the second highest level of PGA of America achievement. I thank the PGA of America for making this special program available to all Class A PGA Professionals who want to expand their knowledge and reach the Certified Professional category.

Master Instructor?
There are some who have decided – for a variety of reasons – that I sould promote myself as a Master Instructor.  Although I appreciate the generosity of such views I just can’t reconcile the Master idea.

Here’s Why
It is true that I’ve taught and coached golf for over 35 years. And it is true that I’ve coached golf at the highest possible level – as in PGA TOUR winners.

It is also true that I’ve taught complete beginners and advanced amateur players.

It is additionally true that I learn something new about the game almost every day!

Therefore, it is not reasonable to assume a MASTER title – which implies that there’s very little left to learn.   Yeah, right….

pt218_high Dan Hernandez, PGA Certified Professional