Swing Messed Up? Go Get GAS

If you want to have a GREAT SWING you have to have great fundamentals.  There is no getting around Grip, Aim, and Set-Up – GAS – as I like to call it.

Your hands are the only thing physically attached to the club so you better get it right. It’s hard to swing the club properly if your grip is messed up.

Golf is a target game so you need to aim your body and clubhead the right way.  If you don’t aim the clubhead at the right place your swing will do all kinds of crazy things.

If you don’t set up to the ball the right way, you will forever be inconsistent.  Everybody wants to be more consistent.  Getting the set-up right will help you have a repeatable swing.

Having a consistently good golf swing is hard. When there are problems you need to have a HOME BASE – a place to double-check your basic swing fundamentals. There is no better home than at your GAS station.  If you need a fresh tank, give me a call.

Dan Hernandez, PGA
(661) 645-0804

Swing Messed Up? Go Get GAS