Tip of the Week

I was stunned recently when a junior golfer I was with didn’t know who Jack Nicklaus is. I did, in a loving and professional way, slightly admonish his Dad who was standing nearby. So, this weeks golf tip is for the youngsters who need to know and for everybody else who wants to hear some really great tips.

Jack Nicklaus – Golf Channel 12 Days of Instruction 2010 – YouTube.


One thought on “Tip of the Week

  1. Don Miod says:

    You were right to scold the father. It is said that children pay for the sins of their fathers. What that means is that fathers must pass on all they know to their children. Not doing so is a sin. The child (no matter what their age) can do what they want with it. It is part of their father’s knowledge and will make a child more informed.
    Good job Dan


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