Don’t Use Your Hands!

Seriously?  If your HANDS ARE THE ONLY PART OF YOUR BODY THAT IS TOUCHING THE GOLF CLUB, how is it possible that you’re not supposed to use them?

The average player is supposed to be using their hands so they can learn what it feels like when the club face to strikes the ball.  That feeling of pure contact comes from your hands, not from your legs, or a better shoulder turn or clearing the hips.

There is a bit more to this hands/clubface idea but you can figure out a lot of it yourself – you know – like you usually do.

So, just for fun, here is my challenge to you:  The next time you go to the driving range, spend a good 15 minutes doing nothing but looking at and feeling your grip.

  • Is it firm or loose
  • do the palms and wrists have a non-fighting relationship to the face of the club
  • do you get a sense that you can control the clubface
  • do you feel any pressure on your fingers and thumbs

There are very few players who will actually spend 15 minutes doing nothing but seeing how the hands and wrists relate to the clubface.  Despite everything you already know, I dare you to try it.

You just might figure something out.

Don’t Use Your Hands!