Why listening to other golfers is costing you shots every game

Here’s one thing that REALLY bothers me: When I talk to people about the visual/neurological component of golf and relate that to hand eye coordination, they say things like “….oh. so this is like Zen Golf?”

Are you kidding me? If trying to help players understand that playing golf is a physical/athletic event and not a mental exercise filled with pedestrian golf sayings, then, I suppose, I am guilty of teaching Zen Golf…

The idea that ‘Public Information” is the right information is frightning! I applaud Mr. Hardie for his keen insights into learning or improving one’s golf game.



“The worst advice in golf is, Keep your head down.”Patty Sheehan

By Ian Hardie

In other areas of our life when we need advice, guidance or simply information

We usually start with the people that are around us most often

People that we already know and trust

Which is generally a family member or a close friend

However if after talking to them a little we realise

That they know nothing or very little about what we are asking

Our next port of call is normally a school or work colleague

Who we may not know quite as well but we will still trust what they say

Because if we are going to bother asking at all

We want good advice – don’t we?

Although these days I suppose instead of asking people

We may be more likely to just ‘Google it’ to find the answer


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Why listening to other golfers is costing you shots every game