Why We Watch Golf!

An older book I’ve studied on and off over the years is a tome named. “The New Golf Mind.”  Very early in the book we’re asked why we watch sports; what exactly is our vested interest?;  will the outcome of the game have any effect on our life?; why do we get so very excited and then so very disappointed?

It’s all just because we all want to see the players BRING IT! We can hardly wait for that GREAT MOMENT!

And man…what a great moment I saw!

I’m not sure what tournament I was watching yesterday (Saturday) – I think it was the WGC at Doral – or it might have been the Puerto Rico Open. Apologies for not knowing. I almost always turn off the sound and just watch the players play.

Golf was on and that’s all I really know. The other thing I know is that I saw two (2) HIO’s within 30 minutes. Not only were they on the same hole, the landing area of each ball and the ensuing hole-out were virtually identical!  Now that’s freaky and a great moment!

No wonder we simply watch…….. and wait.

U.S. Open Championship - Final Round


Dan Hernandez, PGA Updates

I am remiss in not keeping up here at danhernandezpga.com.  I have been extremely busy with a number of things and July has been really crazy.  Here is a summary of what’s been happening:

My indoor teaching facility is now closed and I am teaching full time at Valencia Country Club. I thank all of the students who came to the studio over the last four years. It was a special time and a special place for me – and hopefully for my students.

In case I haven’t seen you at the range lately, stop by and take a look at JC Video. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Never more true than when you’re trying to see what the heck is going on with your golf swing!

Valencia Country Club has a new PGA Head Golf Professional, Brian Bohlig.  I’ve spent a little time with Mr. Bohlig and am very comfortable in his presence.  I will fully support him and wish him the best in his new position.*

The club also has a new GM and Director of Golf. Mr. Mike DeJordy will be spearheading the operations at the club. Mr. DeJordy comes to Valencia with an extensive array of PGA credentials and experience.  I will fully support Mr. DeJordy as well.*

With apologies to Mr. Miod on my lateness, I will be posting some information about pace of play, playing the appropriate set of tees, and general golf course etiquette.  In the meantime, please do check out the first section of the USGA Rule Book. It’s always been interesting to me that Etiquette and Care of the Course are at the forefront.

I will be at a multi-day National Club-Fitting Conference this week.  I do have a certification from Ralph Maltby for club fitting but that was back during the Civil War.  Even though I do stay abreast of what’s happening in the equipment and technology world, I do look forward to learning more about the art of club-fitting.  Not sure but am anticipating that providing a clubfitting service will end up on my menu of services.

As always, I appreciate you visiting danhernandezpga.com!


*Dan Hernandez nor any of its employees, instructors or any of its other agents or contractors are deemed an employee, servant, agent or representative of  Valencia Country Club. Dan Hernandez and Valencia Country Club are not deemed to have created a partnership, agency or any other legal relationship whereby one party may legally represent or make commitments on behalf of the other party. 


Dan Hernandez, PGA Updates

Golf Tip of the Week – The Rules of Golf

By now, every golf person on earth knows what happened Friday at the Masters.  Additionally, every golf person on earth has an opinion on the ruling that ultimately generated a 2-stroke penalty for Tiger Woods.

Way back when during my apprentice days here is what I was taught:   No one can possibly know all the Rules of Golf.  As a Golf Professional (as in not a professional golfer) what you are required to know is HOW TO USE THE RULE BOOK.  There are PGA Professionals who have spent a lifetime in the Decisions Book.  Google the Rules of Golf Decisions Book, find Rule 26 and then follow that up with Rule 33 – which was revised in 2011.  These are the sources of the Tiger Decision.   I like Bondy’s view as expressed in the link below.

via Method of how Tiger Woods was penalized at Masters shows golf is going off course – NY Daily News.


Junior Golf

I am fortunate to have quite a few junior golfers on my schedule.  All of them are doing well and are at various stages of development.  I just got a text from Jun Kim. He shot 89 on the Mountain Course at Robinson Ranch,  his best score ever! Jun has been golfing for about a year and a half and we’ve been working together for a little over a year.  Jun is 13 and a student at Westridge.  He hopes to play on the golf team next year. Congratulations Jun. You have learned your lessons well.

Junior Golf