Side-Arm Golf Swing?

During Sunday’s WGC broadcast,  Gary Koch  said that the golf swing hadn’t really changed since the beginning of time and that the real change has been in the description of what a swing is.  Peter Jacobson responded that he thought that was basically true – that no matter what – the golf swing remains a side-arm physical move.  I agree with both.  Me and a few other rebellious teachers attempt to minimize the list of things to do and emphasize that swinging a club is primarily a physical event – this is the different description that Koch was referring to.

Side-arm-physical move? You bet. If you are right handed you should basically be using the right side of your body to operate the golf club. The left side of your body should only be used for stability. If you have swing keys that are all left side based – you are in a serious physical conflict right off the bat – just like trying to write your name with your left hand!  If you are a lefty – and I mean a REAL LEFTY – then the opposite is true.

Next time your at the driving range – try activating your dominate side and forgetting about the other side. You just might be shocked at what you discover.