How to Learn a Golf Swing

Here are the things a player needs to do to learn how to swing a golf club:

How to hold the club in your hands so your hands do not fight each other
How the design of the equipment dictates how it is to be used
How to stand at the ball so you can swing in a way that fits your body style, flexibility, strength
How to aim at a target based on how you see the target
How to learn what an entire swinging motion feels like physically – from beginning to end
How to practice the swinging motion as an entire thing, not as a bunch of parts

How to KNOW where the ground is on the way down to the ball and on the way up from the ball
How to learn the relationship between your hands and the clubface
How to learn that YOU are physically in control of the clubface
How you can make adjustments and make the ball do different things

Learn how to become aware of physical sensations when you hit golf balls
Learn to know where the golf club is at all times during the swing (google proprioception)
Learn how the hands and arms are used for speed
Learn how your lower body, from feet to hips, are used for stability

Let me know if you have any questions.

—-Dan Hernandez, PGA


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